Introducing: Jak Skelly

jak skelly

New York City Emcee Jak Skelly has a pretty simple manifesto, aiming to “bring hip hop back home, back to the fans, and of course back to his heart”.

It is an ethic he adheres to rigidly on his two cuts ‘Just To Get By (Lalala)’ and ‘1995’, reverting to a simpler time and resurrecting styles from hip-hop’s past, it is one that proves rather fruitful. He keeps things simple on both tracks, rapping over a straightforward beat and samples, to produce easy on the ear, positive and laid back hip-hop. ‘Just To Get By (Lalala)’ and ‘1995’ are the stand out tracks from his Hell of a Life mixtape.

You can listen to both tracks below and the Hell of a Life mixtape here.

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