SertOne – Vinyl Release & Remixes

SertOne is without question one of Ireland’s most promising producers, both prodigious and prolific. It is strange to still refer to him as ‘promising’ such is sheer dearth of material already under his belt, but with each release comes promise of even greater things to come. One wonders where will he go to next?

For now at any rate, it is back to the future. Released digitally last year, Shapes in the Sky has now thankfully made it’s way onto 12″ vinyl. The EP itself is fantastic; head-nodding beats, slick samples and hip-hop influenced grooves are met with swagger and confidence, to produce some serious funked up jams that will bounce around your head all day. The 12″ is out now and comes with quality exclusive remixes from Danny Drive Thru, Lemonada and SIGNAL, which you can sample below.

Shapes in the Sky is out now on 12″ vinyl through Melted Music & can be ordered from here. For the record (no pun intended, my copy hasn’t left the turntable since it arrived this morning.

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