Bill Ryder-Jones – ‘He Took You In His Arms’

BRJ photo

Bill Ryder-Jones, formerly of The Coral, is stepping out as a songwriter in his own right with his debut LP, A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart.

‘He Took You In His Arms’ is the first taste of what to expect from the forthcoming album. It’s a gentle, touching slice of melancholy with a heart swelling melody. It is in fact, the most beautiful song of 2013 so far, one that will be hard to surpasses throughout the year. Ryder-Jones is sounding very much at ease with himself and his talents. The album was recorded upstairs in Ryder-Jones’ mother’s house in Liverpool, with two members of the great By The Sea making up the backing band. 

A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart is out in April through Domino imprint Double Six Records. Until then, just open your heart to ‘He Took You In His Arms’.

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