Best of 2012: w/ Jack Winn of Runaround Kids

The end of the year is neigh and every music website, publication and blog (including this one) are busy compiling end of year lists. This time around, I thought I’d shift the focus to the bands and artist’s who’ve played a ‘BarryGruff Presents’ show this year and ask them for their ‘favourite album of 2012′, ‘favourite song of 2012′ & ‘favourite Irish song of the year’.

Without further ado, here’s Jack from Runaround Kids with his picks from the year that was 2012.

Favourite album of 2012: Paws – ‘Cokefloat!’

I’m currently going for Cokefloat! by Paws. They played at Long Division in our native Wakefield in June, and we played a gig with them a few months after, I got the album and I’ve struggled to stop listening to it since. Special mentions for Midnight At The Sycamore Lounge by St Gregory Orange, the time and the lonleyness by Mi Mye, Canines by Shrag, Mumps, etc. by Why?, and This Many Boyfriends’ self-titled. I feel like lots of albums have passed me by this year, though.

Favourite song of 2012: Doctrines – ‘Ze’

‘Ze’ by Doctrines, one song split into 4 sections and released as an EP on Alcopop, and the best thing I’ve heard all year. We played with them in Brighton in July and it blew our minds. We all bought it, listened to it maybe 15 times the next day? More special mentions: ‘Atomic Arabian Facebuster’ by The Spills, and ‘Come On, Be A No-one’ by The Cribs. Though according to my iTunes stats, ‘212’ by Azealia Banks wins by a LONG way.

Favourite Irish song of 2012: We Are Losers – ‘Salt Lips’

‘Beautiful Day’ by U2. Just kidding, it’s We Are Losers! We toured around your lovely country with them, saw them every night, released a 12″ EP with them, and had the best time ever. Difficult to choose which song, but I think I’m going with Salt Lips, the song about getting a blowjob from a mermaid, for obvious reasons.

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