(Video) Eugene McGuinness – Sugarplum

Eugene McGuinness‘ second album Invitation To The Voyage was one of the more enjoyable of 2012. Nothing startling or groundbreaking but an enjoyable blend of quirky, left-of-centre indie with a glossy pop sheen. With bursts of brass, surf/’60s pop guitar, clever lyrical wordplay and a confident swagger; McGuinness found a perfect balance between catchy pop and exhilarating indie.

His latest single taken from the aforementioned album, ‘Sugarplum’, demonstrates this balance as well as any: an off-kilter swaggering indie tune with a bouncy electro-pop beat, usual dose of witty lyrics. A timely remineder from McGuinness to what he’s all about, before the year ends.

‘Sugarplum’ is out on December 10th through Domino.

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