#Keepingitpeel: The Flaming Stars – ‘Cash 22’

This year’s #keepingitpeel marks the eighth anniversary of John Peel’s passing, and for the third year running the John Peel Day for bloggers is taking place.

Peel was probably the greatest radio DJ in history. Peel’s influence on music fans and bands alike can’t be quantified and his love of, and attitude toward music makes him a unique figure. It would probably be more fitting to introduce some new artist or other, but as that’s what happens here most days, here’s one introduced to me by the man himself; Cash 22 by The Flaming Stars.

‘Cash 22’ appeared in some John Peel list or another, a number of years ago and it just grabbed me. There’s no bullshit bravado, just a track of real and genuine emotion that will make the hairs on your neck stand on end. This is ‘indie music’ at its very best. Since their first EP in ’95, The Flaming Stars went on to release a slew of albums yet remain something of unknown quantity, in fact, I still know very little about them, bar this song obviously.

Also there’s a special KeepingItPeel Podcast, ‘Peel Acres’, which you can listen too and download right here.

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