Introducing: GEM_DOS

Originally from South East London, now living in Dublin, GEM_DOS is a hard one to place in one genre or another.

Broadly speaking this is electronica but it is peppered with techno and drum and bass elements throughout. At times it is deeply atmospheric but always delivered with a real swagger and confidence, especially the clever and classy use of bass. There is a certain Orbital or 808 State character to some of it, especially ‘Get Found Out’. Meanwhile ‘Embrace The Fear’ is a dank, clanker of a tune with tiny shreds of light threatening to break through, only to be quickly suppressed by the shroud of darkness.

GEM_DOS has managed to create hugely addictive jams suited to any time of the night or day, all in all, this is very impressive. Why not download GEM_DOS’s EP Trials for free? It’s here.

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