Vitalic – ‘Stamina’

Vitalic will release his third studio album Rave Age on October 22nd. We’ve already heard ‘No More Sleep’ but ‘Stamina’ is first single taken from the LP.

‘Stamina’ is another searing, take-no-prisoners banger of mammoth proportions. According to the man himself, he’s taken inspiration from his DJ sets and feed it back into the record. Speaking with Mixmag he said “The music on my last album ‘Flashmob’ was relaxed and it was difficult to work the tracks into the live set. This time I was really thinking about the show. I was not thinking about the press or hipsters. I make my stuff and the point is to make some funny stuff and to play it live.”

There’ll be complaints from these quarters. Dodgy album title aside, The French producer is one of those artist that even a whiff of new material is enough to set the heart racing. Vitalic’s true creative genius is a knack for creating electro catered to many tastes, something few, if any, contemporaries are able to get close to.

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