Introducing: Medicine Mouth

Dreamy, catchy and refined electro-tinged-indie sounds is the order of the day from Medicine Mouth.

The Thomastown native, whose real name is Michael Nolan, is heavily influenced by LCD Soundsystem, Jape and ’70s funk, there’s quite a bit of Hot Chip and Metronomy creeping in too. This is electro-tinged-indie with a focus on songwriting, wrapped in rich pop melodies and set to beats and electronic squiggles. Not one to over do it for the sake of it, Medicine Mouth sounds simplistic yet striking, peaceful, calming yet upbeat. It is most importantly of all, thoroughly enjoyable.

Still in its infancy and working solely from a small home studio, one can’t help admire what Medicine Mouth is doing here. It will be very interesting to see where this can go in future but until then……

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