Introducing: Trwbador


Wales, among other things, consistently throws up some of the most curious music around and Trwbador are as aberrant as anything to emerge from the land of song. 

From the confines of a studio in the attic their flat in West Wales, Angharad Van Rijswijk and Owain Gwilym produce serenely beautiful, otherworldly folk music. The duo’s experimental blend of subtle electronic beats, acoustic guitar and wonderful female vocals, is both weird and wonderful. There is a tenderness to the music, twinkling and flickering simultaneously, it is simplistic and minimal yet absorbing music to get lost in.

Trwbador are readying the release of their debut album (featuring Euros Childs, Cornershop & Laura j Martin) but until then here’s a few choice tracks to tickle the eardrums. 

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