The Lost Brothers – ‘Now That The Night Has Come’

The Lost Brothers have announced they will release their new album, The Passing Of The Night, on September 21. With that in mind the Irish duo have decided to treat us to ‘Now That The Night Has Come’, the first cut from their forthcoming new album.

There are no major surprises with ‘Now That The Night Has Come’. It is a wonderful timeless folk song, soft and delicate, it is underlined by delicious, harmonious vocal interchanges between Mark McCausland and Oisin Leech as we are presented with the soothing ponderings and observations provoked by the setting sun. It, and the forthcoming album, look like they will fit nicely into the storybook of songs which already includes two great albums; Trails Of The Lonely (parts I & III) & So Long John Fante

It sounds as though The Lost Brothers are continuing to do exactly what they do best – making timeless acoustic songs that demands you stop and listen.  Have a listen to Now That The Night Has Come below and you’ll get the idea.

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