SertOne – Shapes In The Sky

SertOne is with out doubt one of Ireland’s most promising talents, both prodigious and prolific (I make his fifth release inside of 18 months). His brand new EP, Shapes In The Sky, shows the quality is there in abundance, along with the quantity.

There is a swagger and air of confidence to Shapes In The Sky. Armed with an astonishing array of head-nodding beats and slick samples, SertOne takes us on a journey through a subterranean world of 8 bit sounds, beats and a hip-hop influenced grooves. Funked up jams like ‘Further Down’ and ‘Lego’ will bounce around your head all day. ‘They Call’ does much the same, shuffling along a steady stream of beats with the much sampled Damien Marley line “Out In The Streets They Call It Murder”, adding another layer of sheen. 

At just over 7 minutes ‘Breath’ is possible the finest example of the fine dexterity his talent possesses. It slides between a frenetic run of beats and synths to a more relaxed bass jam allowing every breath from Rachel Koeman (Young Wonder) joyous vocals to really come to the fore.

Proof, if proof be needed, SertOne is one of the most talented of a new generation of electronic producers coming out of Ireland. It is an  arduous task to do this EP justice with mere words, on that note, why not give it a much deserved listen?

Shapes In The Sky is out now on Melted Music.

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