Y Niwl – Y Niwl 4

North Wales quartet Y Niwl have returned with a brand new EP filled with instrumental psychedelic surf rock sounds.

The EP, Y Niwl 4, like their self-titled debut album, sounds more like a lost classic from a bygone era than an album recorded an produced in the 21st century. Y Niwl do so while sounding endearingly authentic, carving their own modern day niche with excellently arranged, twangy, breezy and bright instrumental psychedelic surf rock sounds. They have capture the essence, innocence, energy and fun of surf without ever sounding like tame re-hash merchants.

This is a very pure sound. Sit back, relax, switch off and enjoy the timeless, warm and wonderful carefree sounds of Y Niwl. You can stream/buy the EP here.

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