Introducing: Lizzie and the Yes Men

Based in east London Lizzie and the Yes Men conjure up a lovable blend of ’60s surf and mod sounds with wonderfully catchy indie jingles.

The result? Sharp, snappy and infectious three minute (ish) pop songs. ‘The Boardwalk’ is not only a perfect example of what Lizzie & Co. are all about, it is also one of the best indie pop songs you’ll hear all year. ‘The Boardwalk’ oozes a summery vibe, combined with catchy surf guitars and whistling with Lizzie’s upbeat and cheerful vocals. ‘The Boardwalk’, ‘The Lonliness’ and ‘You & I Both Know’ are utterly infectious and will undoubtedly become ingrained inside your head.

Double a-side single ”The Broadwalk/The Loneliness’ is released on the 4th June 2012.

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 Lizzie and the Yes Men – The Boardwalk 

 Lizzie and the Yes Men  – The Loneliness

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