Introducing: The Big Sun

The Big Sun are an indie band from Oxford, fronted by 15-year-old singer songwriter Berry and backed by ex-members of Candyskins and Ride.

This is a refreshingly laid back and simple approach to making music, best displayed by ‘Folly’. Berry’s voice is magnificent, coupled with a simple, rough electric guitar, ‘Folly’ imbues emotion and plucks away at the heartstrings. ‘Lazy Bones’ is quite similar in that respect but with added classic indie punch, while ‘Nightbus Topdeck’ demonstrates a more up-tempo, psych-pop sound. 

These might only rough demo’s but there is no doubt this is a very promising talent. The Big Sun are in the midst of getting a debut record together but in the meantime, there’s plenty to enjoy on their soundcloud page.

The Big Sun – Folly (Evolution Studio)

Download: The Big Sun – Lazy Bones

Download: The Big Sun – Nightbus Topdeck

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