Introducing: Police Squad

Police Squad are a Liverpool based 5-piece indie/garage band. Formed in 2008, they took their time releasing their debut EP,  Gestalt. It is said ‘good things come to those who wait’, it is certainly true in this casea likable and listenable release.

‘Y.oung D.airy F.armers’ and ‘Rezzonator’ demonstrates what Police Squad do best; catchy, endearingly likable indie songs with touching heartfelt emotion emanating from a heady mix of hooks, rhythms and melodies. The vocals, delivered with a certain deadpan melody, are a notable feature of the bands success. It does, at times, remind of Milburn or The Holloways on top of their game.

Nothing wholly original on offer here but what they do, they do exceptionally well and isn’t that all that matters?

Police Squad’s debut EP Gestalt is out now.

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