A few words on Django Django: My favorite album of 2012 so far

I had extremely high hopes for Django Django‘s debut record. The preceding singles were not only promising, they were spectacular statements of intent. Thankfully their self-titled debut surpasses even my grand expectations.

There are undeniable similarities with The Beta Band (hardly a negative thing) but they have far from copied or imitated. Part of Django Django’s appeal is their ability to seamlessly blend genres and sounds from a melting pot of influences into a striking blend of understated indie, with an electro groove at its heart. Through the rockabilly riffs of ‘Default’, ‘Life’s A Beach’ or ‘WOR’, the electro grooves of ‘Wavforms’ or ‘Zumm Zumm’, or the softer, folkier textures of ‘Love’s Dart’, ‘Firewater’ and ‘Hand Of Man’, it just works. Anchored by alluring harmonies and an undeniable groove which permeates the record throughout, this is indie music to dance to, 

It is hard to do such a marvelous record justice in a few mere words, take it from me, this is an inspired and wholly irresistible debut.

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Download: Django Django – Default

Django Django – Waveforms

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  1. Novemberthirtysix

    they remind me of Super Furry Animals, Tunng and Beta Band, and Hot Chipand I never really cared for either of those bands. there’s a kind of self aware, too-clever-by-half eccentricity gojng on that always put me off bands like this. but having said all of this, I kind of understand the reasons why you (and others) like it

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