Introducing: Devin | Pure unadulterated rock & roll from NYC

Do you like your music to rock out hard and fast? Well then, New York’s Devin is just the man for you.

The Brooklyn musician dishes out pure unadulterated rock & roll that sounds passionate and genuine. It is a volatile cocktail of rhythm & blues, soul, punk and raw energy topped off with screechy punk-tinged vocals. 

His latest single ‘Masochist’ sums up what he’s all about, a lightning-quick dash of pounding drums, driving guitars and pop melodies merged with a brash, punk attitude. The same can be said for the energetic ‘Thing On My Mind’ while ‘Black and Blue’ is a slower, ballad-like song, showing there is scope for a softer less frantic side.  

The vintage vibe may hark back to the days of the likes of Iggy Pop and the New York Dolls but this is music that will get even the most stubborn up and moving, pure and simple!

Devin will release his debut album Romancing on April 30th via No Evil.

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Devin – Thing On My Mind

Devin – Black And Blue via Orchardmktg

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