Introducing: Death In The Sickroom | Jingle-jangle Dublin Indie

Death In The Sickroom are a four piece Indie band from Dublin. To be frank, they play happy-go-lucky jingle-jangle pop songs with underlying themes of sex, violence and desperation.

So far there are just a few demo’s and live recordings, nonetheless, ‘Tonight’ in particularly is worthy of praise. It recalls the sparkling indie brilliance of Echo & The Bunnymen at their very best, while The Smiths are another obvious influence on their work. There’s definitely talent here, hopefully they can get into a studio in the coming months and get some tracks down proper. Watch this space.

You can stream or download the lot below. This weekend they support Cheap Freaks in Little Green Street Gallery on Friday and Saturday with The North Sea in Whelan’s.

Download: Death In The Sickroom – Tonight

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