Introducing: Simon Bird

Originally from West Somerset but now Dublin-based, Simon Bird produced five EPs in the last 12 months touching on a host of genre’s including; hip-hop, noise, post-rock, ambient and electronica along the way.

His fantastic V EP is a relaxing, thought provoking and engaging release. Through a series of complex layers and rich ambient sounds it creates a really tranquil mood, like gazing into a free flowing flowing river as it passes you by. His live shows have come in for particular praise, while I have yet to witness one myself, I have heard only good reports. Bird is a prospect, no doubt about it. It will be exciting to see what he comes up with next.

His V EP is available from bandcamp below, just name your price, a limited run on vinyl will follow soon.

Simon Bird – Xerox Waveform Godless Ocean

Simon Bird – Stillborn In Autumn

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