Mondkopf | Ease Your Pain

French producer Mondkopf has a canny ability to eek out a sound dissonant between the classical and industrial grime of electronics.

Just months after the eerie Rising Doom comes his new EP, Ease Your Pain, via his own In Paradisum label. It is another rather intense listening experience which demonstrates his  propensity to create dark and sinister atmospheres. 

Title track ‘Ease Your Pain’ leads this charge, laden with reverb and filthy grinding synths, while ‘Fading Rainbow’ flits calmly by with a soft but equally dark ambiance. Meanwhile closer, ‘Ease Your Pain (Somfay ‘Erase Your Pain’ Refraction)’ is an almost eight and a half minutes barrage of clattering and grinding beats, strewn with pulsating ravey sounds.

Further excellence from Mondkopf. No word on any further new material but no need to worry, you can check out the full EP here, with the 12″ vinyl to follow next week.

Mondkopf – Ease Your Pain

Mondkopf – Fading Rainbow

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