Introducing: SlowPlaceLikeHome

Donegal-based SlowPlaceLikeHome (aka Keith Mannion) released his second EP, Coastal Hubs for Chivalry in January.

This is rich electronic music which slowly builds through vast wandering instrumentals, coupled by expansive, seductive and swirling arrangements to create relaxing, thought provoking music. Mannion isn’t afraid to mix things up a little, preferring to work through different electronic styles rather than committing to just one in particular. Take the perfectly chilled-out ‘Carte Blanche’ with it’s warm, relaxing ambient beats or ‘We Learned To Tilt At Windmills’, which sounds like the result of night of passion between Air and Unkle.

You can try a few choice cuts below or grab Coastal Hubs for Chivalry in it’s entirety, for free, from bandcamp.

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 SlowPlaceLikeHome – Carte Blanche

Download: SlowPlaceLikeHome – We Learned to Tilt at Windmills

3 Comments Introducing: SlowPlaceLikeHome

  1. Patricia G

    Now this stuff is the business. Repeat plays on my ipod! Is there any more information on this guy?? I lose and find myself in this music. Fantastic!

  2. Fitzy

    According to the facebook page he did an interview on Phantom last week. It should be in the archives. Excellent sounds.


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