The Lost Brothers | So Long John Fante

Simplicity is often an overlooked and unappreciated virtue in music, one not lost on The Lost Brothers.

This as before remains their forte, on So Long John Fante, the duo’s second album. As does their capacity for soft and delicate folk songs, underlined by delicious, harmonious vocal interchanges between Mark McCausland and Oisin Leech and wonderful acoustic guitar-picking. We are treated to a tantalisingly experience from the sweeping sound of opener ‘In The City’, we visit dark folk tales of ‘Pale Moon’ and ‘Hollow Call’, golden era Rock ‘n’ Roll of ‘The Goodbye Kid’ and melancholic heartche and loss with ‘Bells They Won’t Ring’.

So Long John Fante is a beautiful collection of inoffensive and timeless songs which passes with a whisper rather than a roar, delivered with warmth and confidence. A perfect companion for cold and blustery nights, safely nested away in a comfortable armchair beside a roaring fire.

The Lost Brothers – Goodbye Kid

The Lost Brothers – Pale Moon

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