Introducing: Lemonada

There are plenty of things one can complain about living in Ireland but a dearth of musical talent, electronic is particular, is certainly not one of them. There’s been a steady stream of exceptional talent emerging over the past 12 months or so and you can add Lemonada to that list too. 

From the confines of his bedroom the 21-year-old Dublin producer has been putting together impressive electronic, hip-hop infused, cut and paste sample-heavy style beats. Kelly Green Volume 1 is his first collection of material, all original tracks with some samples from records picked up in charity shops, it showcases this style perfectly. As well as making beat tapes he has also released a number of slick remixes for the likes of The Gorgeous Colours and Come On Live Long.

You can grab Kelly Green Volume 1 and the remixes below. 

Download: The Gorgeous Colours – Chopped Heart (Lemonada Remix)

 Download: Come On Live Long – Someone’s Home (Lemonada Remix)

Download: Boya – Redux (Lemonada’s Rasta Ready Remix)

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