Introducing: Faws – ‘Dublin-based minimal ambient electronic sounds’

Little is known about Faws, an anonymous Dublin-based producer who took the unusual step of releasing the Antonym EP on Christmas Eve.

A decision for many that would be deemed commercial suicide but it’s admirable to see things been done different in avoiding the usual fanfare and distractions and letting the music speak for itself. He has set out to do just that, to “pave his own sound, and disconnect the music from any persona, letting the music speak for itself.” This not your run of the mill artist right here but who cares?

Influenced by Burial to Mos Def, the former being more obvious, Faws takes the listener on a meandering jaunt through a world of minimal ambient electronics with clean, crisp beats and rich textures which create dark atmospheres, emotion and a feeling of venturing into the unknown.

The Antonym EP is not on sale yet but is available to stream via Bandcamp. It will take quite a few listens to fully appreciate but it is worth it, this is a stylish debut from a promising and mysterious talent.

Faws – Take Notice

Faws – Camille via Sound Injections

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