Mixtape: BarryGruff’s Irish Songs of 2011

2011 has been a great year for Irish music, there has been a fantastic amount of great albums, EPs, songs and shows. It has been particularly good year for new and breakthrough artists with the likes of Sertone, Moths, REID, We Are Losers, Girl Band and Monto all impressing so much. Irish music is alive, well and more diverse and vibrant than ever.

Instead on doing a straightforward list of my favourite Irish songs from the past 12 months I’ve gone with a mixtape again. I only hope I do it and 2011 justice, and that you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together. The tracklisting is after the jump.

Download: BarryGruff’s Irish Songs of 2011 Mixtape


01 REID – Forest

02 Moths – Summer

03 Monto – Caramusa

04 Sertone – Past, Present, Future

05 Imploded View – Across The Snow

06 Tracksuit Warrior – Travelling Ft. Harry J

07 Limnetic Villians – Gun

08 Captain Moonlight – Banana Republican

09 Trap Door – Lata Town

10 Ginola – Thruster

11 Girl Band – Twelves

12 Cheap Freaks – Cryin’ Shame

13 We Cut Corners – Leopard

14 Milan Jay – Robot Revenge

15 Cashier No. 9 – Goldstar

16 We Are Losers – We Vampires

17 The Lost Brothers – In The City

18 Jape –Lying On A Deathbed

19 SOnance Hotel – Don’t Look Behind You

20 Our Krypton Son – Catalonian Love Song

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