Introducing: Danny Gruff and the Peacemakers

How could I not post about these guys, us ‘Gruffs’ must stick together right? This isn’t nepotism of any kind, most importantly the songs are great and deserving of your time.

Danny Gruff and the Peacemakers are a five piece Folk/Rock band formed by singer songwriter Danny Gruff in Wrexham. Danny has been playing solo for nearly 4 years, playing hundreds of shows across the UK including support slots for King Blues, Charlie Simpson, Terry Hall and Shaun Ryder just to name a few.

Earlier this year Danny Gruff and the Peacemakers released their first EP, Friends/Love/Drink. Taking cue from the likes of Frank Turner, they’re as comfortable with touching acoustic numbers as they are with rattling out racey, energetic and punkier. That said, there is a freshness to their music, due in no small part to his storytelling and musical talents which combine to turn great stories into wonderful songs.

You can stream some of the tracks from Friends/Love/Drink below or buy it here.

 Danny Gruff and the Peacemakers – Drink Drink Drink

 Danny Gruff and the Peacemakers – Passing Cars

 Danny Gruff and the Peacemakers – Wanderlust

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