The Catchiest Song of 2011: Metronomy – ‘The Look’

With the end of the year fast approaching we shall soon be inundated with a torrent of end of year lists, no bad thing, who doesn’t like lists right?

An album which will no doubt feature heavily in many people’s lists is Metronomy‘s The English Riveria. While the album didn’t totally win me over there are plenty of memorable moments, none more so than ‘The Look’. Through the sheer warmth in production and the song’s utter simplicity of muted keys, flickering percussion and a proggy synth solo, it makes for one hell of an addictive listen which will whisk you far, far away from the day-to-day toils. 

As the title of the post suggests this is the catchiest song of the year which has an equally remarkable longevity. Go on, do it, give it a spin.

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 Metronomy – The Look via Because Music

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