Video: We Cut Corners – Pirate’s Life

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We Cut Corners have become a reliable source for both great songs and excellent videos.

Their new gentle little single, ‘Pirates Life’ continues this trend. It is accompanied by a stunning video from Polish artistic duo Kijek / Adamski, unbelievably the entire video was hand drawn, frame by frame using markers on paper – impressive stuff.

‘Pirate’s Life’ is taken from We Cut Corners’ debut album, Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards, which is out November 11.

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  1. George


    The night breaks into little parts and I’m not used to stealin hearts
    its a pirates life for me
    You floated over on the tide,
    I kissed you on the starboard side
    it’s the perfect side to be
    Most of the time I spend lying around on the deck
    My friend said it’s a gamble I said what the heck
    look at me now I’m all out at sea
    it’s a pirates life for me
    you cursed the sea becomming rough
    you said if I believed in love I’d take you home from it
    but I’m committed to these crimes
    I’ve given up a thousand times but I will never quit
    you told me I gave you a lifetime worth of grief
    I must be the commonest kind of theif if I only stole from you that which I need
    its a pirates life I lead
    Woah hoo-oo-oo-oo
    Now I’ll admit it was remiss to sail you the precipis and then lead you there alone
    but had I ever told you so you never would have agreed to go and then I’d be on my own
    the greatest romances end with a minumus fuss
    you live by the sword and you’re hit by a bus
    you live by the river and drown in the sea
    its a pirates life for me


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