Echo & The Bunnymen :: The Olympia Theatre :: Sept 23

It’s been a while since Echo & the Bunnymen were in Dublin. On Friday (September 23rd ) they returned to The Olympia Theatre to perform1984 album Ocean Rain in it’s entirety, with an orchestra and in style.

Backlighted for effect and engulfed by dry ice, the band appeared silhouetted on stage, the perfect setting for both them and their songs. It is quite unusual to be at a seated show but this was quickly forgotten as sheer atmosphere in The Olympia took over as they launched into an opening set which included ‘Pride’, ‘Stormy Weather’, ‘Bedbugs & Ballyhoo’, ‘Never Stop’, ‘Dancing Horses’ and ‘Rescue’. One of the Bunnymen’s biggest assets is lead singer Ian McCulloch, who in his signature sunglasses and long, dark coat and in full swagger his vocals are immaculate as he croons and wails through the classics. That’s not to mention some sharp witty scouse banter between songs.

Following a short break for a ‘bevie’ McCulloch & Co. returned for the centre piece of the night, aided by a superb orchestra performing Ocean Rain in full and how. Renditions of ‘Crystal Days’, ‘The Yo-Yo Man’, ‘Seven Seas’ and ‘Ocean Rain’ were unforgettable and the opening notes from ‘The Killing Moon’ alone send a shiver down the spine. It was magnificent! 

All of this would have been perfectly fine but they then returned to the stage and to finish with a final encore of ‘Nothing Last Forever’, ‘Lips Like Sugar’ and ‘The Cutter’, heralding a scene akin to a rowdy classroom with punters clamoring over now long vacant seats. It was a triumphant return to Dublin for The Bunnymen and with a show clocking at around two and half hours, no one can feel shortchanged. Lads just don’t leave it so long next time.

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  1. Fred the Dog

    Yeah, very good show. It took us (the audience) a while to relax – which isn’t surprising, considering how old we all are – but once we did, I think we showed the band a really good time.


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