Nouveaun – ‘Believe’

Irish duo Nouveaunoise return with a new name Nouveaun and 5-track EP called Sequence Consequence

Recorded in Dublin, Berlin and Madrid, it is the band’s first official follow-up since the release of their debut album Paraphrase Accolade in 2010. The EP is preceded by new single ‘Believe’. It is a little different than their previous work with a big beat approach preferred this time around.

You can download ‘Believe’ for free now and Sequence Consequence is out on September 5th.

Download: Nouveaun – ‘Believe’

The Big House (Candie Payne & The Zutons’ Paul Molloy)

The other day I was wondering what ever happened to Liverpool songstress Candie Payne. Following the release of her impressive debut record I Wish I Could Have Loved You More, things went quiet. It was strange really because both the album and her vocal talents deserved much more notoriety.

It turns out that toward the end 2010 Payne teamed up with The Zutons’ guitarist Paul Molloy for new musical project, The Big House. Their pooled musical experience has created a unique take on folk, roots and alt country, much different to what both made their names for.

No word yet on releases but they recorded a session including ‘Canyon Home in the Sun’ for Dave Monks show on BBC Radio Merseyside a while back. Take a listen below.

The Big House – Canyon Home in the Sun

Candie Payne – I Wish I Could Have Loved You More

Toddla T – Watch Me Dance

With 2009’s debut, Skanky Skanky, Toddla T established himself as a prodigious talent. Two years on, the Sheffield producer is back with his second album, Watch Me Dance.

Recorded between Sheffield and Kingston in Jamaica, this dynamic has left it’s mark on the record, it sounds like a halfway house between two musical cultures. An affection for clattering beats and powerful basslines remains but it is only on the high energy ‘Badman Flu’ that jumpy dancehall/bass sound of his debut is fully revisited. 

His time in Jamaica comes to the fore on two of the standout tracks, ‘Streets so Warm’ and ‘Fly’, where the vocal talents of Wayne Marshall and Ms Dynamite are fully realized. Elsewhere lead single ‘Take It Back’ hankers back to the pop-rave hits from the ’90s and ‘Lovely Girl’, ‘Body Good’ and ‘How Beautiful It Would Be’ continue the cheery summery vibes. Even when longstanding collaborator Roots Manuva lends his vocal talent to the title track, the upbeat is preferred to gruffness. 

The biggest leap Toddla T has made is his ability to craft tunes with a foot in both camps, no longer is he solely concerned with battering the ears off you. This newly found eclecticism jumps between styles and tempos and is bound by a sense of fun and a willingness to embrace it. Watch Me Dance is a fun album reminding us of the summer we never had.

 Toddla T – Watch Me Dance feat. Roots Manuva

Toddla T – Fly (Feat. Miss Dynamite) via wrgmag

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Lecs Luther – Luther

A lot of people tend to be surprised that Ireland produces hip-hop at all let alone a steady stream of quality hip-hop.

We have yet another in the form of promising Dublin-based teenager Alex Chiedu aka Lecs Luther. According to his tumblr when not rapping he likes “writing on walls” and to “travel a lot and take 35mm photos and engage in mischievous acts”.

Okay ‘Luther’ is only one track but this is seriously slick stuff. It is great to hear more hip hop coming out of Dublin and fingers crossed we hear more from Lecs Luther soon.

Via Nialler9/@Moths

Download: Lecs Luther – Luther via First Second Label

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Dark Saber Jedi

The new cuts from New York hip-hop trio Gorilla Warfare Tactics keep coming thick and fast, not that I’m complaining.

‘Dark Saber Jedi’ is another supreme cut of old school hip hop which sticks to their script, tight rhymes, weighty punchlines and head-nodding beats while sporting a surprising flute riff.

For a group who only started recording in 2011, they are making serious headway as one of the most promising hip hop acts right now!

You can download their debut EP for FREE from here.

Download: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Dark Saber Jedi via Thissongissick

S.C.U.M – White Chapel (Light Asylum Remix)

S.C.U.M are to release their debut album Again Into Eyes on September 12th.

Their singles so far, ‘Summon the Sound‘ and ‘Amber Hands‘ have been impressive, as has their dark swirly shoegazey vibe. Ahead of the album’s release S.C.U.M have unveiled Light Asylum’s rework of forthcoming single, ‘White Chapel’. Light Asylum have transformed ‘Whitechapel’ from burning post-punk to a bright and up tempo dance track.

I can’t help but get a very Chemical Brothers vibe from this one. 

Download: S.C.U.M – White Chapel (Light Asylum Remix)

Culture Factory – ‘Stranded in Paradise’

Having spent the best part of 3 years as one of the driving forces in Culture Factory this one is very close to my heart.

Formed in late 2007, Culture Factory is a voluntary group of young people attempting to establish a creative and social centre for the young people of Newbridge. The aim; to provide facilities for live music, rehearsals, dance, film, pool, artistic teaching zones, meetings and a café. Over the past few years the group has campaigned vigorously to raise awareness on the lack of facilities for young people and the need for Culture Factory. (You can read more here)

Recorded over the past 10 months, Stranded in Paradise is a compilation featuring songs from We Are Losers, Band on an Island, Christy Moore, Luka Bloom and a host of other local artists. The depth of talent in Newbridge is astounding, especially considering the album doesn’t feature Moths, Two Charming Men, Tracksuit Warrior or Super Extra Bonus Party.

There is something for everyone on the CD including two of my favourites from Sedna and a stripped down version of ‘We Vampires’ from We Are Losers. The CD will help raise much needed funds for a really great cause.

The launch night for Stranded in Paradise is 8pm this Saturday, August 20th in Sarsfields, Newbridge. Tickets €10 (€15 w/CD). Full info here.

We Are Losers – We Vampires

Sedna – Thank You

Arctic Monkeys – Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler) (Feat. Miles Kane & The Death Ramps)

Arctic Monkeys released ‘The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala’ today. The package includes is a b-side titled ‘Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler)’, featuring lead vocals from Miles Kane.

‘Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler)’ is dark, grimey and basked in fury, which suits Kane’s distinctive Merseyside croon.

It may only be a b-side but who cares? Arctic Monkeys team up with Miles Kane, it was always going to be a winner.

The Arctic Monkeys – Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler) (Feat. Miles Kane & The Death Ramps)

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Gardens – Ideas to Use

Detroit four piece Gardens released their debut self titled album through Alive Records in May.

I have only heard a few tracks off the album but they do sound like they have something about them. ‘Ideas to Use’ is a case in point, it’s got grit, attitude and a bluesy feel. There are obvious nods in the direction of Syd Barrett, Velvet Underground and The Beatles but this is their own take on a quite familiar psychedelic rock sound.

I’m looking forward to tracking down the album.

 Gardens – Ideas to Use (download it here)

Introducing: Jordan Bolton

Jordan Bolton is an 19 year old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Manchester. 

This is indie very much grounded in late ’90s. A sound shrouded in a murky veil of melancholy that is a gentle and uplifting. Bolton’s voice is a constant, slightly subdued, his often shy and soft delivery lends a gentle warmth and richness to the songs.

It does elicit echoes of artist from the past but it’s very much his own sound with ‘Lull’, ‘Control’ and ‘Black and Grey’ really capturing what he’s all about.

With two EPs under his belt; Jazz Hands in late 2010 and Silver Age in February of this year, he is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Download: Jordan Bolton – Lull

Download: Jordan Bolton – Control

 Download: Jordan Bolton – Black and Grey