Electric Picnic: Irish Acts Mixtape

Electric Picnic returns to Stradbally this weekend and as always there is a nice balance right between international and homegrown acts.

After doing an overall preview I decided to put together a wee mix as a snap shot of some of the Irish acts playing this year. You can download the mix and listen to it before going or on the way to EP – you know the kind of thing. There’s so much quality on offer here.

The tracklisting with stages, days and times is after the jump. It wouldn’t allow me to upload ASIWYFA but you can stream it below instead. Enjoy!

Download: Electric Picnic 2011: Irish Acts Mixtape

ASIWYFA –  D Is For Django The Bastard


01 ASIWYFA – D Is For Django The Bastard (Sunday: Cosby Stage 18:15)

01 The Undertones – Male Model (Saturday: Crawdaddy Stage 16:00)

02  Retarded Cop – Copvan (Saturday: Crawdaddy Stage 21:45)

03 The Minutes – Black Keys (Single mix) (Sunday: Cosby Stage 14:00)

04 The Mighty Stef – John The Baptist (Part 1) (Sunday: The Salty Dog Stage 02:15)

05 The Lost Brothers – Fallen (Friday: Main Stage 15:30)

06 RSAG – Stick To Your Line (Saturday: Crawdaddy Stage 13:30)

07 Ghost Estates – Forever or Never (Saturday: Crawdaddy Stage 12:30)

08 Jape – Hands on Fire (Saturday: Electric Arena 17:15)

09 Lasertom & The Blast Crew – Heavens in the Backseat (Sunday: Little Big Tent 13:30)

10 Shit Robot – Tuff Enuff (feat. James Murphy) (Friday: Little Big Tent 00:00)

11 The Japanese Popstars – Destroy (Sunday: The Electric Arena 16:45)

12 REID – Forest (Saturday: Cultivate Stage Global Green 18:20)

13 Moths – Blisters (Sunday: Body & Soul 14:00/Love Letter stage 22.45)

14 Solar Bears – Crystalline (Be Again) (Friday: Body & Soul 22:15)

15 Toby Kaar – Bayleaf (Saturday: Little Big Tent 13:35/Earth Ship 22:15)

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