Introducing: The Coathangers

Three albums in, but I only recently discovered the wonders of Atlanta quartet The Coathangers.

The band are renowned for offering up full-on gritty garage punk-rock and riotous live shows. Their third album Larceny & Old Lace, released earlier this year, includes a noticeable polish to their sound but fiery and raucous punk remains their bread and butter. Guitars are brash and bristling, the vocals shift between gravelly gruffness and shrill ardent shouts a la ‘Hurricane’, ‘Chicken: 30’ and ‘Call to Nothing’.

It’s not all raspy shouts and riffs; ‘My Baby’ and ‘Go Away’ are both sweet sounding pop songs, the later in particular has an impressive twist of ‘60s girl-group sweetness.

Larceny & Old Lace is a really great record and hearing the intensity of the recordings, hearing it live would be nothing short of insane!

Download: The Coathangers – Hurricane

The Coathangers – Trailer Park Boneyard via eke1

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