The View ‘A Band Reborn’

Scottish indie-rockers The View showed huge promise with their debut Hats Off to the Buskers back in 2007. When Witch Bitch? failed to set the world alight it seemed certain they would be consigned to the ‘also ran’ category of indie bands.

If I’m honest I never foresaw The View warranting this kind of attention ever again. However, there are some truly wonderful moments on The View’s latest and third album, Bread and Circuses.

Phil Udell hit the nail on the head, rightfully summing it up as “Quite simply, it’s the sound of a band reborn“. Simple as that. The band have rolled the clock back, rediscovering their original love for energetic indie tunes.

The sound which endeared them to so many has reemerged. ‘Grace’ and ‘Underneath The Lights’ set the tone, straight-up fiery rock n’ roll tunes full of  bravado and sing-a-long choruses. ‘Tragic Magic’ is of the same ilk, even if it sounds as though they nicked the chords from The Clash’s ‘Spanish Bombs’.

There are moments too of sentimental confession about the excesses of sex, coke, booze and rowing in their hometown of Dundee as well as flashes of subtle new departures; the groovy ‘Friend’ and ditsy ‘Sunday’. The distinct Scottish drawl of lead singer Kyle Falconer remains one of the bands prize assets.

While there are no great musical surprises it is thoroughly entertaining and a very easy album to listen to.

The View – Grace via Deathsurf

 The View – Sunday via overmusiek

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