Siriusmo – Mosaik

Berlin based producer Siriusmo has been releasing music for over a decade now. His talent and ability to craft exciting electronic music is demonstrated by a raft of singles and remixes over the past few years. This ensured an appetite for his debut LP Mosaik which was unsurprisingly earmarked by pundits as a dance album to watch this year.

Mosaik is an explores through the psyche of an enigmatic genius. This eclectic patchwork of electronic music takes us on a rollercoaster ride where you can never tell what is coming next; dubstep to disco, hip-hop to house, electro and the experimental right the way through. There are a couple of thundering dance floor designed electro tunes ‘Sirimande’ and ‘Feromonikon’, some more subtle, playful pieces of electronica like ‘Signal’ ‘Idiologe’ and ‘123’, and the more experimental ‘Peeved’ and ‘Feed My Meat Machine’.

Siriusmo like label bosses, admirers and friends Modeselektor, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. It is here, embracing the boisterous side where his prodigious imagination comes to the fore using wacky vocal monologues and cartoonish blips, beeps and sound effects to full effect. Being unafraid to have fun is something sadly lacking with much modern electronic music. This coupled with his technical ability helps him to reconcile such extremes into coherent songs and a cohesiveness album.

It is impossible to do this record justice using mere words alone. Mosaik is without a doubt one the most original electronic music albums you’ll hear in 2011. Siriusmo proves he’s comfortable just about everywhere on the musical landscape and in doing so delivered a strong candidate for album of the year.

Siriusmo – Sirimande via tfortonio

 Siriusmo – Feromonikon via thesubs-blog

Siriusmo – Feed My Meatmachine via Niklaus

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