Tom Williams & The Boat – Too Slow

Folk music has been enjoying something of a Renaissance in recent years, revitalized by a slew of great artists like Frank Turner, Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn.

Kent 6-piece Tom Williams & The Boat are no different and continue this upward trend with their debut record Too Slow. The album navigates carefully through a sea mixed with touching acoustic numbers and the racey, raspy and energetic punkier ones. 

It probably shouldn’t work, but it does. Williams’ obvious talent for storytelling holds everything together, while also displaying an enviable willingness to broach vast and varied subject matter. Comfortable with laments of broken hearts and relationships, ‘Get Older’, ‘Wouldn’t Women Be Sweet’ and ‘Denmark’ sit perfectly with the more political and socially aware ‘Concentrate’ or ’24’. Loosely it recalls Frank Turner, or The Holloways at their most jovial with the touching, evocative side of Johnny Flynn.

Overall there is lots of variety on a refreshing and engaging debut. Lyrically it is clever and highly developed, providing a charming window into the ideas and personality of one man, Williams, a word-smith beyond repute. Far from being a just a ‘backing band’, The Boat, provide the air of unpredictability and experimentation, combined with Williams they make wonderful stories into fantastic songs. 

Too Slow is out now via their own Wire Boat Recordings. You can buy it here.

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Tom Williams & The Boat – Concentrate

Tom Williams & The Boat – Get Older

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