Cashier No.9 – Goldstar

Belfast 5-piece Cashier No.9 have been a firm fixture on the Irish music scene for a number of years now. Alas, for some reason or another our paths have failed to cross until now.

Produced by the enigmatic David Holmes, Goldstar is a scintillating personal introduction to Cashier No.9 which has been worth the wait (okay, yes it isn’t their first release but you know what I mean).

Goldstar is catchy, infectious and filled with swaggering, melodic, sing-a-long choruses. This short collection of shimmering songs does it’s best to evoke fading memories of golden sunsets and great summer evenings which we all long to return.

It is quite deeply rooted in chipper 90’s indie, brit-pop and Americana; think of what Echo & The Bunnymen, The Charlatans or Primal Scream are renowned for conjuring up. Both lead track ‘Goldstar’ and ‘Oh Pity’ are truly wonderful and shimmering examples of how it’s done, they will have you hooked.

Goldstar is summery, up-beat and cheerful and with their debut album to be released this summer (also produced by Mr. Holmes), the bar has been set rather high, bring it on!

 Cashier No.9 – Goldstar via SnipeLondon

Download: Cashier No.9 – Goldstar (Keyboard Choir Remix)

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