Introducing: Gorilla Warfare Tactics

As the blog approaches it’s first anniversary one thing in particular has been bugging me. There hasn’t been near enough hip-hop featured on here over the past 12 months, something I’m hoping to remedy.

Gorilla Warfare Tactics are an exciting hip hop trio based out of New York City who have a rather simple chemistry; Kid Dilla throws down verses over some super honed beats from CakeXCrumbs.

Judging by ‘Temptation’ and ‘The Tale of Mr Street’ it’s working very well indeed. Both cuts are slick, smooth and crisp feel good hip hop tunes, with just a smidgen of a old-school sampling.

It is no wonder they already caused quite a stir, it kind of reminds me hearing the early Mos Def or J5 stuff for the first time.

I’m very excited to hear their forthcoming 7-track EP which is out on March 2nd.

 Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Temptations via Isaidahip

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – The Tale of Mr Street via  Clarkwill47

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