Evil Uncle – ‘Two Lights Not Broken’

Evil Uncle introduced himself to music fans late last year releasing his Songs for the Road EP. The Galway musician pushed DIY approach to its limits with a novel giveaway of 5,000 copies of the EP via an intriguing guerilla distribution campaign. A nice way to endear himself to cash strapped music fans.

This tried and tested formula of his debut EP is the foundation for which Two Lights Not Broken is built upon, as is his signature DIY ethos too. The album, as with its forbearer is a rather curious listen. There’s a deep feeling of  familiarity here, evoking comparisons to Simple Kid, Ray Davies and Jarvis Cocker which are not without merit.

Like these contemporaries it’s the ease and comfort for which he can shuffle through a combination of quirky themes, upbeat and overwhelmingly endearing tunes.  Standouts include the ironic ‘Something for Nothing’, wholly bizarre ‘Spider Song’ and chirpy ‘Sunny Day In Space’.

It’s by no means perfect but a very solid and impressive debut record from an artist we should be hearing a lot more from in the future.

Evil Uncle – Something for Nothing

Evil Uncle – Junkies

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