Rewind: Weezer – Pinkerton

For the most part Weezer‘s career has been a sporadic mix of brilliance and mediocrity, one record stands head and shoulders above all else, Pinkerton.

The recent acquisition of the ‘deluxe edition’ of the album has seen my fondness for this record rekindled. The story behind this one is pretty well-known at this stage, best to keep it short.

In 1996 the release of Pinkerton seen a move away from the band’s original power pop sound which made their name, toward a darker and more abrasive sound.

Initially critics especially didn’t get it, branding it “seething and self-indulgent”, “juvenile” and it “clearly shows Weezer is headed to the graveyard of forgettable bands”. How wrong they were, such harsh criticism put off the punters ultimately rendering it a commercial failure.

Despite the rough start it rose in stature in the intervening years slowing winning over legions of fans. Soon cult status ensued and coming full circle it soon began securing posthumous like acclaim.

It may be clichéd to say but I don’t really care, this is by far Weezer’s best work and remains one of my favorite records of all time . If you don’t have it already make sure and get your hands on a copy, you’re missing out!

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