Two For 2011

With the dawn of a new year the music media scramble in an attempt to predict ‘the next big thing’ for the up coming year. While generally skeptical about anyones power to see into the future, they are at best mildly interesting, if a little bit hard to fathom at times.

In true hypocritical style here are two bands whose debut records should add a little sparkle to 2011.

The Joy Formidable

It’s so far so good from The Joy Formidable. Already having a number of excellent records under their best the release of debut album The Big Roar in early 2011 is one to watch out for.

Their music has a certain thrill to it, like being a teenager again. This is what indie rock is supposed to sound like. The formula is simple; soaring guitars, buzzing bass and crashing drums, throw a hard rocky edge to it all. Hey presto, we’ve got great tunes which exudes both style and substance.

All the indicators to date suggest that January 24th will one to keep an eye out for.

The Joy Formidable – Cradle via pickupdios

The Joy Formidable – Whirring via State

Django Django

Unlike the other candidate these guys are near impossible to categorize as one genre or another.

It is a truly unique and brilliant sound created in a musical melting pot of influences from old rockabilly artists to Devo and the Beta Band. It is inventive tight, clever and catchy as hell danceable indie – it’s hard to do it justice with words.

No fixed date for the album, at the last time of asking it was penned in for an early release, keep those eyes peeled.

Django Django – WOR via The Bonjour Branch

Django Django – Storm via Last Years Girl

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