Mixtape: BarryGruff’s Irish Songs of 2010

I’m not up to podcasts or being a superstar laptop DJ quite yet. I’ve always had a soft spot for making mixtapes and CD’s so I decided instead to have a punt at a straightforward Mixtape of my personal favorite Irish tunes from 2010.

Contrary to what all the pricks from the mainstream ‘record industry’ would have you believe Irish music is alive, well and more diverse and vibrant than ever. This year certainly has been the best I can remember anyway with the many great, albums, EP’s, songs and shows a testament to this. More hapless hysteria from the money men.

I only hope I do 2010 justice and you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together.

Mixtape: BarryGruff Irish Songs of 2010

Tracklisting after the jump.

Mixtape: BarryGruff Irish Songs of 2010

01 Adebisi Shank – International Dreamboat

02 Wounds – Pyramids

03 Kid Karate – Black + Beige

04 Humanzi – Neu Tune

05 Biggus Diccuss – Flagpole of Love

06 We Are Losers – Empty Head

07 The Vagabonds – 46A

08 Squarehead – Fake Blood

09 Fionn Regan – Genocide Matinee

10 The Rags – A National Light

11 The Last Tycoons – The Dry Law

12 The Mighty Stef – We Want Blood

13 Villagers – Ship of Promises

14 The Lowly Knights – I Don’t Know How To Get Through To You

15 Two Door Cinema Club – This Is The Life

16 Nouveaunoise – Cinnte

17 Captain Moonlight – The Blind

18 Shit Robot – Tuff Enuff (feat. James Murphy)

19 Not Squares! – Release The Bees

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