Blood Red Shoes, A Reprieve?

Many of you will be aware of Fire Like This, the second album from Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes. When released earlier in the year I initially confused with someone else, totally my own fault which led to a hesitance to delve headlong into the record. Once resolved it’s become one of the surprise packages of 2010.

Fire Like This is raw, unfussy rock record that cares little for gloss or studio slickness but instead for instinct and urgency. The chemistry and vocal interplay between the duo is one of the band’s strongest assets, complimenting their aggressive, elemental sound. It’s peppered with punky and grunge shoutalongs like ‘Light It Up’, breathless rock ‘n roll ‘Don’t Ask’ and strangely epic ‘Colours Fade’.

It’s consistent, cohesive and strong from start to finish and has a lot in common with the rock musings from the early days of The Subways and The Joy Formidable, good company to keep no matter who you are.

Don’t make the same mistake as I, give the tunes a spin/watch their show from The Great Escape Festival below and make up your own mind.

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Blood Red Shoes – Don’t Ask via les3elephants

Blood Red Shoes – Light It Up via latitude32

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