#keepingitpeel: Blur (Peel Session 1997)

When I was asked if I would like to take part in #keepingitpeel, a John Peel Day for bloggers, I jumped at the chance. John Peel most definitely had a more profound effect (directly) on others. Let’s face it growing up in Ireland in a pre-internet radio age it could be daunting task trying to tune in to UK radio.

There is no getting away from that fact he is perhaps the most influential radio DJ in history. Since the 60’s he had been championing tons of new bands, exposing mainstream UK listeners to punk, reggae, hiphop, and drum & bass. Without his diligence the likes of The Undertones, Gang of Four, Aphex Twin, Pulp and The White Stripes may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

It was difficult deciding who to post but I’ve gone with two tracks from Blur’s session broadcast on 8th May 1997, ‘Moving On’ and ‘Pop Scene’. It was also released commercially (without the interviews) as b-sides to ‘On Your Own’ in June 1997. On a personal note it’s an excellent session from my favorite band, with tracks from one of my favourite albums blur.

I read somewhere once that Peel approached music with the passion of a teenager and the ear of a genius, I don’t think I can top that.

Blur – Pop Scene (Live at Peel Acres)

A big thank you to Webbie over at Football & Music for coming up with the idea and putting in the work.

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