Two Charming Men :: Button Factory :: Saturday (25th Sept)

Kildare duo Two Charming Men take to the decks this Saturday headlining Transmission in The Button Factory. They continue to build on their pretty spectacular rise this year which has seen them support the likes of Foamo and remix for Disco Killah and Lorcan Mak.

I’ve been meaning to catch these guys live for ages, since they first featured on the blog months back as it happens but something always cropped up, hopefully this Saturday will be different. It promises to be a “hellovalotta fun” with lots of killer floor filling electro and a slight touch madness no doubt.

Doors @ 11pm.

Disco Killah – Ravage Two (Two Charming Men Remix)

Lorcan Mak – 4 The Love (Two Charming Men Remix)

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