Introducing: Colleen Green

There is quite a lot of D.I.Y garage type stuff floating around at the moment and it’s refreshing to listen to music with an edge. In theory this kind of approach is a great leveler but while anyone can do it, not everyone can do it well.

Doing it well is Colleen Green who from the safety of her hideaway in the woods of Dunstable MA writes her own comics, releases material on cassette and most importantly, along with a trusty drum machine, makes great surfy and fuzzed up lo-fi garage. So far this year she has released Milo Goes to Compton (on cassette), 4 Loko 2 Kayla with her comic Real Shit Daily and been on tour with The Big Big Bucks and Girlfriends.

Check out ‘Worship You’, it doesn’t disappoint.

Mp3: Colleen Green – Worship You

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