Mr. Scruff 1992 Hip Hop Mix

As part of Ninja Tune’s 20th Birthday celebrations they are giving away an ultra-rare Mr. Scruff mixtape from 1992. Originally limited to a mere 20 copies, and sold in Manchester’s Funky Banana record shop, it hasn’t been available anywhere since.

The mix reveals Scruff’s early passion for hip-hop, taking in tracks from Gang Starr and A Tribe Called Quest amongst many more of rap music’s innovators as well as touches of jazz.

Mr Scruff  is one of the true legends of Ninja Tune releasing  his first record with them way back in 1998, going on to create one of the label’s all time most successful albums – ‘Keep It Unreal’ – the following year.

You can grab it for free here

Mr. Scruff 1992 Hip Hop Mix

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