‘Tour de Picnic’ – The Bicylce Diares #2

A week has now passed since I officially signed up to cycle 90km from Dublin to Stradbally in aid of Temple Street Childrens Hospital on the morning of Friday 3rd September. So far so good. I enjoy cycling, it allows me to clear my head, think, listen to music and keep relatively healthy I guess.

I went for my first cycle since signing up to see where I’m at. I set off on the open road with no particular destination or route in mind I left Newbridge heading towards Naas the back way by the old mill (one of the nicest parts of the area) and red lane. The first thing that strikes you is the flatness of Kildare but I’m not complaining, I hate hills.

The Old Mill - It was turned into a venue a few years back but busy bodies got it closed I think

I was feeling fine as I continued cycling to the outskirts of Naas. There was way too much traffic so I headed for Sallins on the new ring road thing with cycle lanes and all that jazz, it’s okay but you can’t help but notice the bland ugliness of the ‘Celtic Tiger’ development compared with the old part of the village and its picturesque canal side, I guess they’d never heard of esthetics. With the assistance of a strong wind behind me I absolutely flew into Sallins with ease, still feeling good I knew the wind would have its revenge.

Anyone know the communist route to Oxegen?

I still had no definite route in mind but seen as I was out this way I thought I’d drop out to Bodenstown where I stopped off to have a look at Wolfetones grave, take on some water before heading back home through Oberstown and Barretstown where the wind did get its revenge, trust me. It was 36km in all, and up until the last 6/7 I was grand but it was at this time the wind started to take its toll and I didn’t bring enough water either. Next week I will have to push on past the 40km mark and go a completely different way. if I’m gonna take this more serious it will mark the end of the sneaky mid-week pints but with the world cup all but over it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Plaque on Theobald Wolfetones grave, Bodenstown

Sponsorship has gone well in the first week receiving €90, a very good start and thanks you know who you are. If you would like to donate simply go to my charity page or you can drop me a line here or at barrygruff[at]gmail[dot]com for details of other ways.

Who else but Newbridge’s very own SEBP to accompany this weeks update, no cheesy road songs but maybe next week.

MP3: Super Extra Bonus Party – Everything Flows

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