MSTRKRFT – The A-Team (Face Mix)

Let’s be frank going by the trailer the new A-Team movie looks shite!

The original TV show was very 1980’s anyway but it’s missed the point, some how managing to skip over everything that made it great and cheesey at the same time. The acting looks so bad Mr. T could be confused with an ocsar winner. They should leave things alone and try coming up with new concepts for films (just an opinion).

However one good thing has emerged from this whole facade, ‘The A-Team Face Mix’ from MSTRKRFT. It must be a pretty daunting task taking on one of the most recoginizable theme tunes and jazzing it up three decades later, gladly unlike the film they’ve done a good job. It’s got just enough of the old tune and plenty of that distinctive MSTRKRFT sound – wonder will this get much play time?

MSTRKRFT – The A-Team (Face Mix)

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  1. johnnyf_03

    Not MSTRKRFT’s greatest work. For a bit of A-Team, I much rather this mash with MIA’s ‘Boyz’ from a couple of years back from Stereogum:

  2. barrygruff

    That’s deadly Johnny – never heard it before.

    There was really good DJ Yoda one too (but don’t know where I put it?) and one in Spaced, one of the club scenes.


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