Introducing: The Lowly Knights

We seem to be currently witnessing a welcome revival of fortunes for folk music with Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn, Munford & Son et al proudly flying the flag but what of closer to home? Belfast’s The Lowly Knights look set to do the same and continue Ireland’s distinguished tradition in this genre.

Their journey began with humble beginnings, a one-off gig in their hometown led to further gigs (some sellouts), sharing the stage with numerous big names and critical acclaim for their expansive live shows and releases to date. They instil a real sense of optimism through their music which is hugely intricate and vastly layered with beautiful harmonies, soaring orchestral arrangements, and second to none melodic sensibilities – not leaving any of the ever-growing musical ensemble empty-handed.

While they broadly encompass much of what the folk fraternity is doing elsewhere their sound is very distinctive and has an authentic northern touch, due in no small to the instantly recognizable and endearing Belfast brogue – the final and key ingredient making them unique and familiar at the same time and one of the most exciting prospects on this island.

Make up your own mind below.

Mp3: The Lowly Knights – Devotion

The Lowly Knights – Miracle

[The Hollow EP is out now | The Lowly Knights play Castlepalooza 31st July/1st August]

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